What is the Middle Class Income in Loudoun County, VA?

Residents aged 25 to 44 are the majority in Loudoun County, Virginia. The homeownership rate in the area is 77.7%, which is close to the national average of 64.4%. This visualization illustrates the percentage of students graduating with a master's degree from schools in Loudoun County, Virginia, by specialty. On average, primary care physicians in Loudoun County, Virginia, see 1,325 patients per year, an increase of 1.61% from the previous year (1,304 patients).The chart below shows households in Loudoun County, Virginia, distributed among a number of income groups compared to the national averages for each group.

None of the households in Loudoun County, Virginia, reported that they spoke a language other than English at home as their primary shared language. The table below shows how the number of patients seen by primary care doctors has changed over time in Loudoun County, Virginia, compared to neighboring geographies. Car ownership in Loudoun County, Virginia, is roughly the same as the national average, with an average of 2 cars per household. The county borders Frederick County (Maryland), Montgomery County (Maryland), Washington County (Maryland), Clarke County (Virginia), Fairfax County (Virginia), Fauquier County (Virginia), Prince William County (Virginia), and Jefferson County (West Virginia).

This chart shows the breakdown of the actions of the major industries for residents of Loudoun County, Virginia, although some of these residents may live in Loudoun County, Virginia, and work elsewhere. The chart below displays homes in Loudoun County, Virginia, distributed among a number of car ownership groups compared to the national averages for each group. This chart illustrates the stock breakdown of the top jobs held by residents of Loudoun County, Virginia. The largest universities in Loudoun County, Virginia, are Divine Mercy University (44,586 (92 degrees awarded in 2002) and Patrick Henry College (61 degrees).

The most popular specializations in Loudoun County, Virginia, are Mental Health Counseling (41 and 26.8%), General Psychology (36 and 23.5%), and Strategic Intelligence (21 and 13.7%). The largest universities in Loudoun County, Virginia, by number of degrees awarded are Divine Mercy University (44,586 (92 and 60.1%) and Patrick Henry College (61 and 39.9%). The following chart shows how the percentage of uninsured people in Loudoun County, Virginia, changed over time compared to the percentage of people enrolled in various types of health insurance. When it comes to determining what constitutes middle class income in Loudoun County, VA it is important to note that there is no single definition for this term.

However according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey for 2018-2019 households with an annual income between $50K and $150K are generally considered middle class households in this area. The median household income for all households in Loudoun County was $125K during 2018-2019 which is higher than both the state median household income ($93K) and the national median household income ($63K). The median household income for married couples was $150K while for non-family households it was $90K. In addition to median household income figures for all households and married couples there are also figures available for different age groups. For example households headed by someone aged 25-44 had a median household income of $130K while those headed by someone aged 45-64 had a median household income of $140K. Overall it can be seen that middle class incomes vary depending on age group and family status but generally fall within a range of $50K-$150K per year.

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